Chou Chou’s Copacetic Cogitations

My first show without Doc

It all seemed to happen so fast! We assumed there would be time, maybe a lag in bookings, especially in late summer, to give me time to firmed up new routines. But the response has been startlingly, and I so want to please! Thank you, my amazingly wonderful friends!...

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Dreams Come True

It was late morning, just yesterday when it happened. I had been up since 3:30am, my favorite time to begin. It’s a luxury when I can. My profession demands frequent long and late hours. Doc was taking a break from his morning’s work, and we were sharing our thoughts...

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A new kinda, Chou kinda, show!

Welcome and brilliant salutations! Thanks for visiting our shiny new website. Doc and I are bubbling over with excitement and anticipation as we launching into a new chapter of life! We've worked hard and prepared. At last, we're ready! After 35 years as bandleader...

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