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Upcoming Shows

Live shows to come! We’re “Rising from the Ashes” of a massive house fire. We ‘ve always been a dramatic couple, you know, but have no plans going out in a “Blaze of Glory”. Or gory. Or sooty mess. Whatever. Stay tuned!


When Chou Chou and the orchestra take the stage, the audience is transported to the high life immortalized by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the Great Gatsby. Mix in some 1930s Hollywood glamour, the best of 1940s Swing, add some surprises, and anything goes!

Chou Chou and the Imperial Palms Orchestra


An intimate and highly entertaining rendezvous with Chou Chou accompanied by a trio, duo, or piano, in two very different acts. "Ma Petite Chou" is a '30s style jazz cabaret act filled with romance, style, and musical fun while “Blissfully Being” is her autism advocacy show.

Chou Chou Jazz and Cabaret


DJ Chou Chou plays authentic 1920s- 1950s music and Electro-Swing with her custom DJ booth featuring a Gramophone! And she sings! She offers several performance varieties: a solo Electro-Swing DJ set, OR an interactive theatrical show

DJ Chou Chou & Electro-Swing Bop Deluxe

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