The Doctor is In

Doc ScantlinFor over thirty five years, legendary bandleader Doc Scantlin thrilled audiences around the world. Doc has now, with joy and excitement, passed the baton to his partner on stage and off, his “beloved angel wife” and star-turn for 27 years, Chou Chou, Talented Doc is now pursuing his other passion of building fine handmade guitars, long put on hold due to the band’s success. Check out Doc’s blog as he shares his adventures and misadventure from his days with the Imperial Palms,  classic cars, vintage lifestyle, or whatever else suits his dapper fancy. Read all about his guitars, too, as he moves ahead. Leave comments and cheer him on! Doc would love to hear from you! Hey! Contact Doc to write a guest post, sharing your own Imperial Palms memories or discuss guitars. Keep it clean, fellers, especially yous musicians.

Doc Scantlin Musical Instruments will debut Doc’s line of  fine handmade acoustical guitars soon.