Chou Chou’s Copacetic Cogitations

The Fire

I need to write something here, but it's not easy. Not much is easy right now for so many, and we are finding ourselves in the same category, and so I might as well just get on with it. If you haven't heard by now, in the wee morning hours of Sept 6, our little sweet...

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Painting My Toes

At last! I am deliriously excited to announce Chou Chou and the Imperial Palms is returning to live performances starting September! We're open for business and accepting bookings! Behind the scenes, I'm beginning the frenzy of planning, creating, dusting off! I hope...

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Testing, One, Two: The Regathering of Us

This isn't easy. You've no idea. Or maybe you do. This is my first blog post after more than a year, since the beginning of the strange Age of Covid. I've wanted to write you, more than you know. I simply could not, and it was the strangest thing. Or maybe it wasn't....

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