Welcome to Doc’s hangout. Doc will be sharing his passion for making fine musical instruments here, as well as stories from his years with the band, classic cars, music, movies, and maybe a joke or two that you’ve heard him tell a million times and will make you laugh anyways. Because that’s Doc, and we wouldn’t want him any other way!.

If you are interested in sharing you own Imperial Palms stories as a guest blogger, we’d love it, so contact us! Secret stories from band members, especially those about late nights out of town, may need to come with a warning, but, hey, we understand. Thanks, musicians and friends we’ve gathered over the years, our IPO family, for all the great times we’ve experienced together during the Doc Scantlin band years! There’s a new ride ahead for all of us, and we hope you’re ready! Keep in touch, and don’t forget to leave your brilliant and ever-so-charming comments, so we can give ya lots of love back! Then my sweet Patootie and I will smile and be tickled pink, and talk about you at the breakfast table, which is such a nice thing to do.

Never one to sit still for very long, Doc may need slight encouragement to start blogging. There were no bloggers in the era Doc calls home, so even the word “blog” makes him laugh. But once he gets started, I’m sure he will love it. He’s a great storyteller, and never at a loss of words. This is his place to stay connected and share himself with you. I’ll break out the cocktail shaker. Welcome, Doc, to your new place to party with friends. Welcome, friends! We adore you!