Welcome and brilliant salutations! Thanks for visiting our shiny new website. Doc and I are bubbling over with excitement and anticipation as we launching into a new chapter of life! We’ve worked hard and prepared. At last, we’re ready!

After 35 years as bandleader for Doc, 27 of those years with me, creating and performing together, we’re ready for a new adventure. We’ve planned for this for a long time, and Doc has planned for this his whole life. You see, ever since Doc was a child, he had a passion to one day build the finest hand-crafted musical instruments. Now, at last, he doing just that! He’ll be sharing the journey on his very own blog, right here on this snazzy new website.

Doc created the Imperial Palms Orchestra in 1983. It was just supposed to be a fun hobby. To his surprise, and totally without planning, this incredibly talented entertainer found he had to put his luthier dream on hold when the Imperial Palms gained international acclaim, and we both became far too busy performing to do much else. He always thought, surely, the band’s popularity wouldn’t last, and he would return to his “real work”. But the band played on, longer than the original big band era lasted! We’ve been called by Forbes Magazine “The Best Band In America”, and “World’s Best Band”. We’ve played for royals, world leaders, entertained at endless top celebrity galas, and shared the stage with legendary stars we’ve adored. I’m not comfortable adding the client bling list, but if you need it, I’m happy to share it. It’s a doozy.

Through it all, Doc continued to see the band as a passing fancy, but you know what they say about time flying when you’re having fun, and now it’s 35+ years later.  Now, he feels it really is time.

Doc is passing his magnificent baton to me, and I am about to bedazzle it and make it my own. I’ve been well-trained by the best, for over 27 years, by the one and only “Mr.Showman”, Doc Scantlin, perennial musical mischief maker, my husband and partner, on stage and in life. We’ve simply outgrown what was, and have grown into this, and we could not be feeling more enthusiastic and ready.

I’ve had the giddy privilege of being Doc’s muse for so many years, and now he has turned into mine. I consider this new era of the Imperial Palms my Valentine tribute to my very Funny Valentine, as I dedicate myself to bringing his world-class band into the future. I’ve been his star singer, producer, costumer, choreographer, HR manager, creative developer, customer relations, sound engineer, lighting designer, and all around bottle washer and band mommy. Everything but played the saxophone. I’ve spent hours under classic cars, doing all sorts of diy life hacks to keep our 1920s love nest on the Chesapeake Bay humming, so Doc could focus on the music, living in the “simple” retro lifestyle where he thrives best. Because a great big part of Doc’s magic is the music, and will always be, even as we move ahead. With my penchant for projects, enthusiasm, and gumption, and stubborn resourcefulness, I’ve made my priority protecting and supporting Doc’s amazing talent, knowing full well how much he does the same for me. As Doc shifts his focus to his new career, he will continue to be the arranger and musical adviser for the band. And now, he will be my inspiration as I carve this new path on my own.

I’ve performed all my life. I’m a fourth generation entertainer. I’m an award winning actress, trained by Phillip Meister of the National Shakespeare Company. I’ve been a professional actress since my 20s, voice talent since my thirties, and performed with bands and my own musical act before I joined Doc. I also had plenty of bandleader experience, leading the Imperial Palms at many prestigious events throughout my years with Doc. I’ve been producing the band and offering event service excellence to clients as Chou Chou Productions, LLC. for over a decade. I am brimming over ready to take the reigns of the precious gift Doc leaves us all. I promise you all, I’ll do my best to keep you happy, and keep Doc happy, while he gets “back to work”. Because that’s what I do, above all. We’re humming a new kinda tune.