It all seemed to happen so fast! We assumed there would be time, maybe a lag in bookings, especially in late summer, to give me time to firmed up new routines. But the response has been startlingly, and I so want to please! Thank you, my amazingly wonderful friends!

There’s much I know from years as an entertainer. And much that is new in my new role as leader. And filling Doc’s shoes is impossible for anyone. I shouldn’t even try. I must bring my own magic to the role..I can sing Doc’s songs, sure, and the band play the songs, but the magic happens when there’s the perfect chemistry between audience and artist and artistic material.

As I said, though, this show came fast! I am so grateful to the wonderful people of the Omni Shoreham Hotel for presenting me monthly in their Secret Garden Series. Thanks to cherished darling friends, the turnouts have been fantastic. I adored the opportunity to connect with my ever-so-intimate and romantic cabaret trio “Ma Petite Chou”. It was delicious to purr love songs in the enchanted garden. My darling presenters were pleased, and asked for more, a night of swing. I was determined to deliver, knowing it would be a mad dash.

I was comforted and thrilled to see the room packed with some of my favorite peeps, all cheering me on! Even better, the room remained full and lively all night. And the good folks at Omni were pleased.

This first show without Doc was emotionally harder than I expected it to be. I missed him so! But I know he is happy, and I am ready for this. But I will always be honest with you. I was adjusting, and feel by no means this was a good show, even with the wonderful response and feedback. It was not a good show. But it was a great start. I can see I am going to be fine and know what I need to do to make everything shine. Just as planned.

This all happened so fast! I am glad that this first awkward show is behind me! I am proud I stepped up to the challenge. The band was fantastic and their support was perfection. Same goes for all in attendance. If you were there, thank you! It meant so much to me! I will never forget you were there. But do come back in September. For the shine.❤️