This isn’t easy. You’ve no idea. Or maybe you do.

This is my first blog post after more than a year, since the beginning of the strange Age of Covid. I’ve wanted to write you, more than you know. I simply could not, and it was the strangest thing. Or maybe it wasn’t. I’ve know idea. But I need and want to begin again now, so I am. Forgive my awkwardness. You’ve no idea.

I don’t know whether to confess or celebrate. Do you? You see, ever since the music stopped last year, every time I tried to write here, I’d find tears running down my face. Don’t get me wrong. In more ways than you know, I’ve been so brave and strong. Except when addressing live music. I missed you too much. It broke my heart. It sounds so silly, but, really, that’s how it was. I cried. It just made me feel too much. About you. About the musicians. About all of us.

So now, here we are, at a new beginning! Time to step back in! The world is opening up so fast! We’re following guidelines, and are fully vaccinated! Isn’t it thrilling? It’s glorious! I’m happy to announce Chou Chou and the Imperial Palms and some of our other entertainment options are available for booking for Fall events and beyond! If you’re planning something, just give us a shout!

I could not be happier! That said, I want to take a moment in this first post back to honor those we’ve lost. Also, to honor our brave first responders and amazing essential workers. None of us are unchanged by what we’ve been through. We’ve all experienced tremendous loss and for the fortunate among us, maybe some growth. We’re wiser now,  I’d sure like to think that. I must mention here, too, how beyond grateful I am for loving friends who have been my tether and sanity checkers. I’ve sure needed them! I offered my strength, too, when needed, ‘best I could. And when I was at my weakest, the circle completed. You may have formed a similar loving circle of your own. Perhaps you were part of mine at times. You certainly were in my heart and mind.

So, my darlings, we begin again. So much to do! It’s a dream come true! For me, it starts by writing to you. We’re safe and well and made it through! There’s a brand new chapter of life to get to! Bring it on! Please, yes, do! We’ve got happiness making to do!